Get active with Now Active. When you use Now Active, you'll find getting in shape isn't a punishment. It's an excellent and empowering lifestyle decision that anyone can make. 


You're unique, and so is your fitness journey. With Now Active, we'll work together to find the best path for you, helping you get the results you want and finally find a way of exercising you enjoy.  


Now Active is a Personal Training service based in Hove, England, run by Mark Potter. Mark is a certified Personal Trainer who specialises in developing and improving fitness and weight management. 


Mark wasn't always an active person; once weighing 121kg (over 19 stone), he knows what it's like to start a fitness routine from scratch.


Now Active offers various services to help you get active and find the enjoyable side of exercising. 

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Personal Training in hove

With Now Active Personal Training, you'll get fitter, stronger and get the results you want. Personal training is all about you. Mark uses his knowledge of different fitness regimens to best match a training protocol to your preferences and goals while keeping it enjoyable along the way.

Mark knows what it's like starting a fitness journey from scratch, so your training is matched with your current abilities and is developed over time. When you use Now Active Personal Training, fitness is enjoyable and varied so that you don't get bored. 


You'll get a free consultation where you can ask questions and learn about how Now Active can help you achieve your goals.

Personal training can take place at various gyms across Brighton and Hove or parks in the area. 

Virtual Personal training

One-on-one virtual personal training sessions using video conferencing that fits in with your schedule. There is no need for a gym membership, but if you've got your own kit, we'll use it. With virtual personal training, you get the benefits of personal training with the added flexibility that your sessions can take place wherever you want. 


Sessions are planned and designed to match your abilities and help you efficiently achieve your goals.


Online Training and Now Active On Demand included! Join and get 20% off your first month!

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Now Active's Virtual Classes are an efficient way to get your fitness fix conveniently. Log in, book and then join in with live virtual fitness classes run on video conferencing software. All classes and designed for beginners, but adaptations are offered throughout to keep things challenging. 


A variety of classes are offered throughout the week to suit different goals, abilities and ages. Book single classes or get a class pass to get the benefits of all the classes.


Try for free when you use code TryForFree when booking. 

Online training

Not everyone needs personal training. Some only need a plan to follow, and that's where Now Active Online Training can help.

You'll get workouts delivered directly to your phone, so you can complete them whenever or wherever you want. You'll be able to record your weights, reps, sets and times in the included app.


There are even explanations of exercise and movements if you're unsure of anything.

Programs are unique to you and what you have available. Full gym, limited kit and no equipment options available.

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Contact Mark from Now Active

Contact Mark

Mark's often busy working with clients so the best way to contact him is email -

You can send him a message by clicking the button below.

Give him a call or message on

07789  860 172.

Mark will get back to you as soon as he can.