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taster session and consultation

Are you not getting the results you want? Are you lacking confidence in the gym? Want a bit of help and guidance? See if Personal Training is for you with a free 1-hour personal training session and consultation! 

Now Active is a Personal Training service run by Mark Potter. Mark is a certified Personal Trainer at The Gym Group, Blatchington Road, Hove, who specialises in developing and improving fitness and strength, older adult fitness and weight management. Mark started his fitness story with the scales tipping over 19 stone (120kg), a heavy drinker, a smoker with a terrible diet, and a completely sedentary lifestyle. Through gradual change, Mark began working on his physical and mental health.

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He started adding running into his routine and began improving his nutrition. Later he started going to the gym and learning about various fitness regimes. Over time he lost over seven stone (45kg) and learnt a lot about weight management. He became a certified Personal Trainer in 2019 and has been helping people get into the best shape of their lives ever since.

In your free session, you'll have a chat with Mark so he can learn what you're working towards in the gym. If you're a member of The Gym hove you'll also do a couple of movement assessments to see where you're at with your fitness (don't worry, it's nothing strenuous). Finally, Mark will build and take you through a workout that aligns with your goals. 

*Free taster sessions are only available to members of The Gym Group Hove, if you are not a member you can still book the session but it will just be the consultation. The sessions are not available if you've already had a taster or intro to PT session with Mark.

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