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Now Active On Demand

Are you looking to start working out but don't know where to begin? Now Active On Demand is here for you. Now Active On Demand is run by Personal Trainer Mark Potter. Mark once weighed over 120kg or 19 stone, so he knows what it's like to start a fitness routine from scratch. 

Now Active yoga mat and foot

Perfect for beginners 

Now Active On Demand has been built for those just starting their fitness journey. Workouts are challenging but have different movement options to pick from to suit where you're at right now. The mentality of stimulation, not annihilation, is used when creating workouts. They won't leave you in a puddle on the floor, but they will challenge you, you can start learning the modified movements and build up to the more challenging ones as your fitness grows. 

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Plenty of variety

With Now Active On Demand you'll get five follow-along home workout videos a week. No equipment is needed, and there are modification options to challenging movements so you'll be able to follow along no matter your current level of fitness. Videos are updated every weekend, so you don't get stuck doing the same video over and over again. 

Stickman version of a Now Active video.

You'll always know what to do

Videos come with demonstrations and explanations, common form corrections, and technique advice. You'll always know what to do, and you'll be moving better in no time! Every day has a different focus to help you get fitter, stronger and more flexible. A wide variety of movements allow you to work every muscle in your body. 

You'll have no trouble fitting it into your schedule

Workouts last between 10 to 30 minutes, so you'll have no trouble fitting them into your schedule. Every video comes with a warm-up, exercise and a cooldown. Now Active On Demand utilises different workout archetypes and has a periodised program to stimulate and recover different muscles and energy systems. Bodyweight strength workouts help you get stronger, cardio workouts allow you to get fitter and burn calories, mobility and stretching lead to a more flexible you. Prehab movements help strengthen commonly underdeveloped muscles, and this helps reduce the likelihood of injury.